The Complete Casebook Replacement Created and Operated by Professors, for Professors

Law School Courses Formatted as Concept Maps . . .


. . . with Hundreds of Cases, Problems, Videos, Diagrams, and Much More Embedded within Each Map . . .


 . . . Completely Customizable for Each Professor . . .

. . . A Community of Scholars Sharing Ideas, Materials and Royalties.

Step 1
ChartaCourse authors create complete charts, full of cases, problems and other reading materials.

Step 2
Adopting professors customize their charts: add, delete, edit, and re-arrange as much or as little as you like!

Step 3
If you share your added teaching materials with other ChartaCourse professors, you receive royalties.

Step 4
Your students subscribe only to your version of your chart, starting at only $59 — and they love it!  Hear it from them!

Now Available: ChartaCourse Study Guides!

Clear, Concise Explanations of Core Legal Concepts . . .

. . . Practice Questions With Sample Answers For The Most-Tested Topics . . .

. . . Written Entirely By Law Professors . . .

. . . Simplified Pricing — All Material In A Single Low-Cost Tier, No Upselling!

Replace static old-school print and PDF guides and take your studies to the next level with ChartaCourse interactive study guides!

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Courses now available

Criminal Law
Criminal Procedure I
Constitutional Law: Powers
Civil Procedure
Business Organizations
Criminal Procedure II
Constitutional Law: Liberties
Family Law
Administrative Law
And More Coming!

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